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Apostolic IMPACT  - Dr. Kluane Spake

Learn exactly what you need to do next. Learn to Minister with an Apostolic Mindset and with Impact!

School of the Apostles 21st Century Reformational Theology

This course is designed to fill in the gaps left by conventional ministry instruction. We all want to be effective and to express ourselves to others.

DISCOVER what is it that makes a ministry move from ordinary to stunning?

The secret is learning how to see differently. HAVING AN APOSTOLIC MINDSET IS IMPERATIVE.

Here is where you learn how to think apostolicaly.

No matter what your ministry is, certain apostolic foundations  need to be in place. Just like a good painting needs value, shadow, contrast, versatility, and imagination to make an impact — so do You. I take this further with video demonstrations that give you the confidence to be more effective.

Challenging and fun assignments with demonstrations will help you put theory into practice. In this course you will learn by doing – the best way! 

Supplemented with over 200 pages of notes, video, and slideshows you will be able to take your ministry  to higher levels quickly and confidently.

This course will give you the confidence and direction to minister with impact.
“Apostolic IMPACT Ministry Course” is a tremendous study of what works RIGHT NOW in ministry!

It is a practical how to, step by step course on improving your ministry success.
Learn to target and hit the mark!

12 lessons all Digital Online Delivered Weekly.

This is only a partial list of what is available in this course!
There are videos. PowerPoint presentations, 3 e-books, and interactive material that
targets what you need to do next.

(Price is not refundable on digital products.)


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  • This course is designed to fill in the gaps left by conventional instruction. Learn how to move out of the traditional religion.


Dr Kluane Spake

Dr. Kluane Spake:

Hello!! Thanx for checking out these online courses.

My goal is to help equip forward-thinking Christian believers, leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs — to understand the original INTENTION of Scripture and to know how to use these imperative Biblical Truths in actionable and applicable strategies– right now!

I am a commissioned International ambassadorial apostle and prophetic speaker, author, Ministry Success Coach, and Mentor whose mission is to help you discover important and exciting reformational Truths — like what the Church needs to do and teach in this hour.

It has been my greatest honor to preach and teach worldwide at local church services, conferences, crusades, and pastor’s meetings. As a theologian, author, and educator I am addicted to finding the greatest truths about the Scriptures. That means, my understandings change and are enhanced with ongoing revelation and study. 

  • Founder and pastor of Jubilee Church for 14.5 years, a successful church in Guam.
  • Now, an international traveling minister, author, mentor, and friend.
  • President and founder of Jubilee Alliance, an apostolic network providing oversight mentoring to churches and ministers.
  • Founder of SWORD Ministries, Atlanta, GA.
  • On Executive Council of ICAL -2021. 
  • Doctor of Theology and also Doctor of Nephropathy
  • Ecclesiastical International Board Member for International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders - Apostle John Kelly
  • Doctoral Diplomat in Christian Counseling International Association of Christian Counseling Professionals (IACCP)
  • Past Advisory Counsel for the International Connection of Ministries – Bishop Kirby Clements
  • Faculty and Ambassador for Vision International University–Dr. Stan DeKoven
  • Board member, adviser, mentor, and consultant for several other ministries.

If you’re considering a guest speaker, the best contact is drkluane@kluane.com


I was raised in Anchorage and raised my kids in Fairbanks, Alaska. Then, a big change happened and for 14 ½ years, I founded and pastored a successful church on the tropical island of Guam. This experience made a profound influence on my life and it is why I understand the needs of the LOCAL PASTOR After that we moved to the states — and my husband Rodell and I live just north of Atlanta. We have four grown kids and seven grandkids!!

Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia, I now travel in ministry worldwide preaching/teaching at local church services, conferences, crusades, and pastor’s meetings. EVERY day I work on ways to help people understand the Bible in new ways!

My hobbies are diverse — Needless to say, I enjoy SEO and graphic design, traveling, and aCapella singing. Obviously,
I am hooked on learning!

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I have two earned doctoral degrees – one in Theology and one in Naturopathy.

I also send out monthly newsletters: Right-Dividing.

Dr. Kluane is a recognized International Christian Speaker, keynote speaker, Apostolic Prophetic Teacher, event speaker, Inspirational speaker, ministry mentor!  Apostle. Author. Prophetic Bible Teacher on Church Reform, ministry mentor, and friend to the Body of Christ! Apostle, Keynote speaker, Christian Leadership, Reform, best inspirational speaker, Christian speaker, Ministry coach, motivational speaker, best, Christian women speaker, 5-fold, five fold, Apostolic Prophetic, preacher, ICAL, woman minister, woman apostle, conference speaker

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!