About the School of the Apostles

The School of the Apostles is a 21st Century revolutionary view of Apostolic Reform that must come to the future Church.

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WHAT IS THE GOAL? The goal of the School of the Apostles is to provide you with the very best, most accurate, and most relevant help. This will help you gain an apostolic mindset and expand your influence and IMPACT for Kingdom good.



"Hello Dr Kluane, I am blessed to see how much detail you have put into the School of the Apostles and how much of you is in this course, Well done for being inspired by the Holy Spirit to write such a course. I believe this has worked well with all the other things I am doing to see me for who I am and what God has called me to do for Him.

The course is practical enough to apply it to everyday ministry and it is helping me to define the steps to achieving my vision. The reading material is very up-to-date and provides fresh input all the time.
It is encouraging and affirmative the way the material is written and the amount of the content is manageable each month.

I have been doing the apostolic Impact course with my wife and we are able to dialogue between us and learn together about how God wants to reform His Church and He gives us strategies for His work -- particularly in business. 
Pastor A. Thompson, Sydney

I am enjoying the lessons (in the School of the Apostles) and have learned more from it in this season, than during any season in my life. While I am 65 years old, I am looking forward to practicing ministry more purposefully, and probably more accurately than previously…
Seeing and understanding the “apostolic” view of the Church and ministry is super. Getting the people of God to see the necessary changes the old way of doing church is the greatest hurdle
… ” A Frank

"We have finished the Apostolic Impact and Apostolic Authority courses and it was an incredible journey with life transforming revelation every month. Thank you so much for taking the time to build our awareness of our kingdom purpose." Ap. D. Hodge, BVI